Sleepless in Samyan

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Refusing to let her life consist only of office work, Noppawan Tongsook strides out, after her shift, into the rainy Bangkok night.

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The Kost of Freedom

Kost Of Freedom

Young people in Indonesia commonly think of living in a kost, or studio flat, as the essence of freedom. Vema Novitasari wonders: are they right?

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Why I Walk With My Eyes Cast Down In Jatinangor


In my four years as a college student in Jatinangor, a small city just outside Bandung, West Java, I shied away from looking straight ahead of me when out and about. When walking, I assumed a hunched, bowed posture and I kept my eyes fixed on the ground, looking up just often enough to avoid crashing into anything. Not without cause, naturally…

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