Minimum Wage Maximum Toil Photo 1

Yogyakarta: Minimum Wage, Maximum Toil

The sun was out that Thursday morning. My husband Rio took me for breakfast at a cafe called Not-Civet Coffee in Kaliurang, at the foot of Mount Merapi, well away from the city center. When we got there…


The Taste of Home

For migrants who arrive in Indonesian cities from the countryside, one thing is particularly prized when they seek out a place to eat.


The Case for Dating at a Reservoir

‘There’s a magic to the place – it makes people honest’.


Finding Myself (and Others) in a Yogyakarta Coffee Shop 

I opened Google, searched my name. The search results should show the real me, I thought. I scrolled down the page, skim-reading the titles of articles with my name on them. Then I let out a huge sigh…