In the Mood For Kopitiam

Customers talking at Kafetien 88

Kopitiam, or Chinese coffee shops, are important to the lives of millions of people in Southeast Asia, but for Vema Novitasari of Surabaya, they have played a more particular role in her life.

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Night At The Mosque


‘Bro – what are the rules on using witchcraft to make an out-of-favour mosque more popular?’ This question – a joke, yes, but encapsulating something serious, too – I heard on a video with the tongue-in-cheek name ‘Lost Youth Short Talks’…

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Why Do Equatorial Trains Have Antarctic Temperatures?


We’re sitting next to each other on hard, straight-backed seats, the type that can’t be adjusted at all. No problem if you’re only sitting for a few minutes. But if you’re on a train travelling all night and you’re trying to sleep, this type of seat is hell for your backbone. You can try valiantly to shift your body left or right, but neither direction is much help…

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