Sidewalk Bench1

The Best Hangout Spot in Serang

Muhammad Nanda Fauzan on the solidarity of the sidewalk.


When I’m Restless at One A.M., This is the Place I Go

The food at a burjo resto is easy enough to cook up. What draws Muhammad Nanda Fauzan is conversation and comedy.

Screen Shot 2023 10 12 At 10.39.44 Pm

A Poetry-Filled Digital Detox, in a Lombok Alley

Julia Arungan, aspiring to be an author, waits with bated breath to hear what her mentor has to say.


Want to Bike Ride the Indonesian City? Prepare for Challenges 

In an urban milieu dominated by motorbikes, cars, trucks and buses, Ade Ubaidil orders a bicycle from Facebook Marketplace and bravely pushes off.